IMCS 2012
IMCS 2012 - The 14th International Meeting
on Chemical Sensors
May 20 - 23, 2012, Nürnberg/Nuremberg, Germany

Nürnberg/Nuremberg - where tradition is alive

Nuremberg is located on a sandstone hill towering above the wooded countryside near the River Pegnitz. Here, the Imperial Castle, Nuremberg’s famous landmark, was built. Already the early city was surrounded by a city wall, most of which remains intact until today.

Nuremberg became one of the mightiest cities of the Holy Roman Empire and gained the status of a Free City. Crafts and trade prospered during the 15th and 16th century, science and arts flourished. Painter genius Albrecht Dürer had his home and studio just below the Imperial Castle.

It is amazing to see how history lives here. Architecture, museum, art treasures all combined with a passionate flair that keeps and brings the past to life. In no other German metropolis you can find so many traces of medieval, modern art and culture.Learn about Nuremberg by a stroll through the historical heart, or discover one of the 35 museums. And don’t miss Nuremberg's fried sausages ("Bratwürste"), either served in one of the historic Bratwurst restaurants in the Old Town or in one of the city's beautiful beer gardens.

More information:   Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office
Nuremberg Impressions Video
Nürnberg Skyline