IMCS 2012
IMCS 2012 - The 14th International Meeting
on Chemical Sensors
May 20 - 23, 2012, Nürnberg/Nuremberg, Germany
Technical Examples

Conference Topics

  1. Chemical and Biochemical Sensors
  2. Technologies for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing
  3. Mechanisms, Modeling and Simulation
  4. Emerging Sensing Materials and Technologies
  5. Sensor Arrays and Data Analysis
  6. Auxiliary Components, Manufacturing and Packaging
  7. Sensing for Health, Safety and Security
  8. Sensors for High Temperature Processes and Harsh Environment Applications
  9. Sensors for Corrosive Processes
  10. Hybrid Devices

IMCS-14 is devoted to chemical sensor arrays including semiconducting, electrochemical, optical, SAW and piezoelectric sensors; sensors for health, safety and security; sensor arrays, electronic nose and signal processing; mechanisms, modeling and simulation; new materials; nano-materials and nano-structures; novel approaches to sensing; manufacturing and packaging.

A special session will be dedicated to chemical sensors for high temperature processes.

Nürnberg Skyline